Chery Williams
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Chery Williams


Chery Williams Patterns have been a long time favorite of many smockers.  The designs are appealing to children as well as Moms.  The directions are clear and concise and there are many variations in each pattern. These are my best sellers and I know you will enjoy making these for your favorite little girl. All patterns $16.00 each. 


Cwbabbis.jpg (61485 bytes)

Baby Bishops:  3 mo - 24 mo:   An all time favorite:  Bishop daygown, dress, saque, and diaper shirt are included in this pattern.  3 sleeve variations.



Cwbabsqy.jpg (60966 bytes) Baby Square Yokes:  Size 3 mo - 24 mo.    This pattern can be a day gown, saque, or day dress. It can be long or short sleeved.  There are 3 collar variations and a smocked from the shoulder variation.

Cwyoke.jpg (57830 bytes) Basic Square Yoke:  Size 2 - 6 or 6 - 12.  An all time favorite.  This dress has so many possibilities and has been used so many times.  smocked from the shoulder and plain yoke variations included.  Several sleeve variations. It's a must for any seamstress.

Cwbabub.jpg (59853 bytes)

Baby Bubbles:  Size 3 mo - 24 mo.  This bubble is great for boys or girls.  There are sleeve variations for both.  The front can have a smocked inset or a plain or embroidered front.  The boys variation has pleats instead of gathers.  Used a lot for boys christening outfit.


Cwromp.jpg (54900 bytes) Baby Romper and Jump Suit:  Size 3 mo - 24 mo.  This romper can be for a boy or girl.  The boys version has a tailored sleeve, long or short pants and a pleated front.  The girls version has a long or short puffed sleeve.  A smocked inset is inserted into the front.

Cwbspbub.jpg (56708 bytes) Basic Bishop Bubble:  3 mo - 24mo or 2 - 6:  This bishop style bubble has six variations from the sleeves to the front opening to neckline variations.  A great gift for a special child

Cwbspjmp.jpg (63049 bytes)

Bishop Jumpsuit and Knickers:  Size 3 mo - 24 mo, or 2 yr - 6 yr.  This bishop jumpsuit is darling made up  It can have contrasting sleeves with an angel sleeve or a collar overlay.  3 sleeve variations,


Cwchrsgn.jpg (55393 bytes) Lacy Daygown, Christening Dress, Bonnet and Slip:  Premie - 1yr:  This bishop style dress has lace insertion from the neck to the scalloped hemline.  It makes an elegant christening gown that can be embellished with smocking and embroidery.

Cwctdrs.jpg (61982 bytes)

Coat Dress:  Size 4 - 16:  This dress is great for older girls.  There are 3 sleeve and 3 collar variations.  The skirt can be smocked or plain.  Buttons down the front.


Cwculott.jpg (67528 bytes) Coulotte Jumper Coulotte Jumper and  Blouse:  Size 5 - 8 or 8 - 14.   This jumper and coulotte has a smocked inset.  The jumper has a pleated  skirt instead of gathered.

Cwdrpwst.jpg (72550 bytes) Dropwaist Dress:  Size 4 - 7, or 8 - 16.  This dress has 5 collar variations, 3 skirt variations (pleated, gathered or smocked) and 3 sleeve variations.

Cwjumsui.jpg (60526 bytes) Childs Knickers and Jumpsuit:  Size 3 - 7:  This jumpsuit pattern has a smocked inset or plain front.  There are 3 sleeve variations and 2 collar variations.

Cwlcbish.jpg (62171 bytes) Lacy Bishop Bonnet and Slip:  Size 2 - 6, or 6 - 12:  This larger version of the above dress makes a beautiful Easter or special occasion dress.  There is lace insertion from the neck line to the hem.  Long or short sleeve views along with a matching bonnet and slip.

Cwplsuit.jpg (60552 bytes) Play Suit and Blouse:  Size 2 - 5, or 5 - 8: Coulotte, jumpsuit  or cuffed short pants with a smocked inset.  Blouse included

Cwprinc.jpg (63942 bytes) Princess Line Dresses:  Size 4 - 6x, 7 - 10, or 12 - 16.  This dress has 6 collar variations, 5 sleeve variations. Perfect for older girls or special occasion dresses.

Cwrnykdrs.jpg (71035 bytes) Round Yoke Bubble and Dress:  Size 1 - 4, or 4 - 7.  This dress has a round yoke with a skirt or bubble that can be smocked or gathered.  An eyelet overlay can be placed at the edge of the yoke.  There are 3 sleeve variations, long, angel or short.

Cwslwrp.jpg (60879 bytes) Sailor Wrap Dress:  Size 4 - 7 or 8 - 16:  This wrap dress has 3 sleeve variations.  The skirt is smocked or plain. 

Cwwrapjm.jpg (58748 bytes)

Wrap Around Jumper and Sundress:  Size 2 - 8.  This jumper can wrap to the front or back.  There are variations for a smocked skirt, an inset or plain front.  Great for appliqués.