Closeout sales:
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Children's Corner:

  Margaret:  3-4, 5-6, or 10-12 $6.00



Beth:  7-8 or 10-12  $6.00

Debbie:  4-7  $6.00

Kari Me Away:

kmcottoncandy.jpg (28908 bytes) Kari Me Away  Cotton Candy:  8-14  $8.00

Love and Stitches


Lsstrwbl.jpg (61186 bytes)Strawberry Patch Blouse:  This is a jewel neckline blouse with back button closure and waistline tucks.  Elbow length, cuffed sleeves have a  full length 2" wide insert for smocking, embroidery, appliqué or French hand sewing. Size 6 - 20.  $6.00     reg. $12.00



Lsstrcol.jpg (43902 bytes)Strawberry Patch Collar:   $8.00. This is a piped detachable round collar with three large strawberries or hearts on a contrasting band.  Size 6 - 20    $4.00 closeout



Lsjazjmp.jpg (71325 bytes)Jazzy Jumper:  This round neckline, dropped waist jumper or culottes had side seam pockets and buttoned shoulder and left side opening.  There is an optional front insert perfect for smocking, quilting, or sharks teeth. Size 2 - 20.   $6.00   Closeout



Lsaplbls.jpg (62629 bytes)Apple Pickin' Blouse:  This is a loose fitting jewel neckline blouse with a keyhole back closure.  Full, cuffed, elbow length sleeves feature smocked caps.  Apple plate included. Size 6 - 20.  $6.00   closeout



Lsaplcol.jpg (41777 bytes)Apple Pickin' Collar:  $8.00. This is a  detachable collar wit three apples or pumpkins floating on a single band with a shaped front edge.  Instructions for traditional or reverse appliqué as well as edge stitching over a seamed edge. Size 6 - 20.   $4.00  Closeout



Lsholcol.jpg (64820 bytes)Holiday Collar Collection, Christmas Cheer:  $8.00.  This is a detachable collar for ladies or older girls that can be used with a plain blouse or sweater.  These can be used with Love and Stitches blouses.  $4.00    closeout



Lsbowhol.jpg (57190 bytes)Holiday Collar Collection, Bows and Holly:  $8.00.  Clearance 4.00This is a collection of appliqués collars with necklines sized to fit Girl's Blouse Basics or Dainty Dropped Waist.  Techniques include traditional and reverse appliqué, and optional edge stitching. 18" doll collar is included.

Lstsseas.jpg (58472 bytes)Tis the Season, Holiday Collar Collection II.  $8.00.Clearance $4.00 This is a collection of appliquéd collars with necklines sized to fit Girl's Blouse Basics or Dainty Dropped Waist. Pattern includes appliqué tips and collar variations.